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Human rights defending activists, groups and organisations at present time are widely spread. They function at  national, regional and international levels. Most of those individuals, groups and organisations activist’s efforts target post abuses consequences. Hiwaar Human rights defending group extends their human rights abuses preventing efforts to a more innovative, deep and pro-active approach. Hiwaar human rights defending organisation manages to adopt an approach which empowers human rights abuses victims. Hiwaar also tackles the dilemma of communications within poor communities by providing the necessary tools for rights of expression. The organisation encourages and supports deprived communities inventions and talented works from a wide range of disciplines such as engineering, medicine, arts, writing and science. Hiwaar enables scientists from deprived communities to not only continue their research but provide them with sophisticated tools. Hiwaar organisation through its representatives worldwide watchdogs human rights situation in the developing world as well as enabling publication of works and inventions. Those works and inventions are published in Hiwaar web site at www.hiwaar.org and www.hiwaar.com, also through its quarterly periodical and fairs. Such an approach would enable developed world businesses, Universities and research institutions to adopt those innovations and works. The final outcome of such an approach would be further support to those who are innovative and productive but due to limitations of communications and publishing channels their works in most cases never discovered. Those efforts benefit the developed world and provide its industry with new ideas

Hiwaar organisation which is managed by dedicated volunteers was started in 2008 by the Sudanese human rights activist Tarig Mubarak. Since then, Hiwaar organisation very quickly managed to gain the respect of a wide audience worldwide. 

The organisation status later was changed from a web based human rights organisation to a limited charity company based in Scotland.

Hiwaar organisation depends financially on its members donations. It does not accept donations from government bodies or political parties.

One of Hiwaar most ambitious plans is to assist talented students from deprived communities with continuing their education by linking them to universities and high education funders.

Hiwaar organisation offices are at present based in Glasgow at Scotland but the plan is to open regional offices throughout developing world.

Another plan which is occupying Hiwaar management is to create self managed employment projects generators projects throughout developing work.

At heart of Hiwaar organisations are issues related to women and children. It works hard to empower those groups and   by adopting more proactive approaches.

Hiwaar Organisation web site at: Hiwaar Human Rights Web Forum, represents the platform which links to various sections are displayed in Arabic and English languages. Such an approach makes the navigation of the site easy and time effective. The site also has a forum and a special script tailored to suit Hiwaar Organisation campaigns worldwide.

I believe that Hiwaar organisation represents a module which goes far beyond available funds. Such a module should be highlighted and encouraged.

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